Why A Roller Shutter Door is The Best Choice for Your Garage

Nov 11, 2021

So Much Choice…

There is a huge choice of garage door types available on the market today. In fact, the range of choice can be a bit overwhelming! You simply don’t know which one to select.


How to Choose

There are three elements to consider when selecting your garage door. First of all, the cost. Second of all, space; and thirdly, security.

A roller shutter garage door will tick all three of these important elements.

Other choices include the traditional up and over door; sectional garage doors; single hinged garage doors; sliding or folding garage doors; and round the corner garage doors.

This article will look at the many pluses of just one of these types, and consequently one of the most popular: roller shutter garage doors.


Tidy and Neat

Roller shutter doors offer a tidy finish with vertical opening and closing, and without the need for an internal tracking system.


More Storage

Most people store more than their vehicle or car in their garage! If you use your garage for storge too, then the roller shutter door is great choice as the door design offer more internal space for clutter. 


How a Roller Shutter Garage Door Works 

So as the name suggests, the door rolls up into a compact coil at the top of the door. This means the door, when open, is hidden inside the box at the top, so it is very neat. There is some insulation with roller shutter doors too.

The mechanism should be smooth and sleek at all times.

The opening and closing are automatic and uses a remote-control system for ultimate convenience.



There are some top-of-the-range manufacturers of roller shutter doors so please feel free to ask about the main names.


Size of Garage 

Still want to have your car on the driveway? Then that’s your choice and sometimes the car is too big for the garage space, particularly with older properties, built when cars were of a more modest size. Your garage space can always be a useful area, though, and it could even be home to a personal gym. 

The use of a roller shutter door means you can park your car right up to the

garage door itself. 


In Case of an Emergency 

If your garage door is only accessed by the shutter door, then there are steps that can be taken to allow for easy entry, and this is particularly important when there’s an emergency and a car or item needs to be accessed quickly.


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