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Using Clic Garage Doors is an investment in your home.  We bring together the highest manufacturing quality and leading design here in the UK, Clic Garage Doors provides the ideal roller garage door, providing superior protection in an attractive design.

All doors come with peace of mind warranties Because we use only the finest materials in our doors, they come with a full 5-year warranty – so you can rest easy.

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Roller Shutter Systems

Our doors come in a wide range of low maintenance colours, including textured woodgrain finishes that match the latest generation of UPVC windows and doors.

Our compact doors are designed to be installed in garages with restricted headroom. Manufactured from 55mm deep lath, only 205mm internal headroom is required for installation. Compact doors are available up to 2600 wide and 2200 high. Insulated lath, with side and bottom seals provide resistance to heat loss and drafts.

Classic doors are manufactured with 77mm lath for additional strength and rigidity. Ideal for larger garages or where additional security may be necessary. Insulated lath and brush side seals provide for the ultimate in insulation and draft resistance.

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Standard Features

Optional Safety Edge

A safety edge system is fitted to stop and reverse the door should it meet an obstruction when closing. Hold to run as standard.

Conformity to Standards

ALUTECH roller garage doors conform to the European standards of safety and wind load resistance EN 13241-1, EN 12424. This is confirmed by the TUV-Certificate of CE marking and by test reports.

Wind Resistance

Classic roller garage doors withstand a wind load of up to 450 Pa, corresponding to class 2 according to EN 12424, and they can be installed in openings up to 5.92mm wide and 3.8m high.

Maximum Space Saving

Roller garage doors save space outisde as well as inside the premises. They are the ideal solution for a garage with a short driveway. You can also efficiently utilise all available roof space inside the garage.

Lightweight and Durable

Aluminium roller garage doors are resistant to rain, to fluctuations in temperature and to corrosion. They are solid and secure, environmentally friendly and light.

Variety of Mounting Types

Roller garage doors can be mounted outside or inside the premises, with a visible or concealed shutter box. Available in 77mm or 55mm lath to suit the amount of headroom available.


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