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Electric Roller Shutter Garage Doors

Clic garage doors are designed to fit most garage openings. By having a choice of installation methods, along with the Classic and Compact lath, the smallest and largest of openings are catered for. For extra large openings, an oversized side guide is offered, along with a secure neoprene locking system. Great for exposed situations or where a heightened level of security is required. 

Each Garage Door is supplied as standard with a remote control system, this is operated by a hand transmitter which has a hold to run function. 
Optional safety edge system is available with extra cost.


1. Top Box Cover

Your door is ordered with a full hood as standard to comply with entrapment laws (shown), finishing the interior off perfectly.

2. Draft Protection

Drafts are greatly reduced with our patented side guide sealing system. Aside from reducing drafts, it makes the door much quieter during operation.

3. Effective Seal

Our deep rubber bottom seal provides an effective seal against water ingress at the bottom of the door – but only as good as the garage floor!

4. Superior Automatic Locking System

Deprat ™ locking assemblies with integrated steel reinforcing, offer the best protection against the door being forced open.

5. Anti-Scuff Locking System

Traditional locking system, but with an added anti friction coating that reduces friction marks on the inside of the door curetain.

6. Extra Strong Bottom Lath

Deep extruded aluminium enhances security of the door, stops it from being forced out of the side guides.

7. Optimum Lath Thickness

77mm x 19mm, offers one of the most rigid and insulated lath available today.

Choose From A

Wide Range of Colours

Our lath is manufactured from high grade aluminium and finishing in a PUR/PA* coating which reduces abrasion, colour fading and surface cracking.

Please note not all colours are available in the 55mm ‘compact’ lath. 

Standard Colours







Traffic Red


Fir Green


Moss Green


Chartwell Green



Duck Egg Blue

Light Beige




Light Brown


Graphite (metallic)





Light Grey






Painted Wood Effect Colours

Painted Teak

Painted Rosewood

Painted Golden Oak

Painted Walnut

Painted Irish Oak

Laminate Wood Effect Colours

Golden Oak

Irish Oak



Compact or Classic

Our compact doors are designed to be installed in garages with restricted headroom. Manufactured from 55mm deep lath, only 205mm internal headroom is required for installation. Compact doors are available up to 2600 wide and 2200 high. Insulated lath, with side and bottom seals provide resistance to heat loss and drafts. All doors are supplied with remote control system, with the option of a safety edge, that will stop should the door meet an obstruction when closing. In addition, all classic doors are supplied with a safety brake that will stop the door from falling in the event of a mechanical failure.

Our classic doors are manufactured with 77mm lath for additional strength and rigidity. Ideal for larger garages or where additional security may be necessary. Insulated lath and brush side seals provide for the ultimate in insulation and draft resistance. All doors are supplied with remote control system, with the option of a safety edge, that will stop should the door meet an obstruction when closing. In addition, all classic doors are supplied with a safety brake that will stop the door from falling in the event of a mechanical failure.




Vision Slats

Vision slats allow natural light into your garage. Available with or without glazing. On textured woodgrain doors vision slats will be supplied in a brown finish (Classic model only).

Remote Control Keypad

The remote control key pad is the way to operate your door securely without the remote control.

With no need for wires, this simple keypad is weatherproof and durable – giving you convenient access with a secure code.

Battery Backup

All our doors come with a manual override as standard so that you can operate the door without power, but in addition you can choose the option of a battery operated backup as well. This enables you to operate the door with the remote controls even when the power is off.

External Manual Release


All Clic garage doors are provided with a manual hand winding mechanism in the event of a power failure. However if the garage door is the only means of access, then an external manual release mechanism should be used.

Full Box

Full hoods are standard on all Clic garage doors to finish off the door perfectly. If a door is being externally face fitted then a full box should always be needed.



Headroom Requirements

  • Classic doors require headroom of 300mm, and side room of 70mm or 90mm.
  • Compact doors require 205mm headroom and 70mm side room.
  • The bottom lath will hang down into the opening, so will reduce the drive through height by 77mm or 55mm respectively.
  • If the door is installed between the opening the drive through width will be reduced by twice the guide width, and the drive through height will be reduced by the headroom requirement and bottom lath size.

Where will my door fit?

Internal Face Fix

Where there is sufficient side and headroom, the guide rail and roller assembly would be installed directly to the inside of the garage opening. Recommended for most applications. 

Reveal Fix

Installed in between the opening, good where there is limited side of headroom inside the garage. This will reduce the drive through height noticeably.

External Face Fix

Fitted to the external face of the garage, useful where there is not enough space to install on the inside face, but where maximum drive through space is required.


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