Which are the best modern designs for garage doors?

Nov 9, 2021

A Garage Is an Asset

If you are lucky enough to have a garage, then this important part of your home can be a true asset to its appeal and value.

There’s nothing worse than letting the garage ‘go’ so it looks tatty and unloved.

The best way to improve the look of your garage and therefore your home is to upgrade or replace the garage door.


What Are the Best Garage Door Designs?

It is fair to say there are many different types of garage door you could go for. Partly it depends on your own personal choice as to which door you choose.

However, the roller shutter door is one of the most appealing due to several reasons.

If you want the modern look in particular, and you need as much space as possible in your garage, then the roller shutter door is perfect for you.


What Is Modern About a Roller Shutter Door?

The roller shutter door has a sleek outward appearance of smooth, with metal slats resting upon one another to create an overall faultless look.

The roller shutter door is also flexible in terms of size and offers the garage owner as much as space as possible both on the driveway and inside the garage.

The roller shutter door can also open remotely so you can open the door from within the car itself.


What Are the Benefits of a Roller Shutter Door?

The benefits of having a roller shutter door fitted are many including the sleek kerb appeal and the space this type of garage door offers both outside and inside the garage.

As the roller shutter door cleverly tucks itself away into a specially made compartment above the garage door itself, this also means you can fit ceiling lighting and even storage inside the garage.


Are Roller Shutter Doors the Most Modern Garage Door Types?

Roller shutter doors have been around for a while and are often used with commercial properties. 

So, while they are nothing new, the look and internal mechanisms of roller shutter doors have improved over the years, offering a smooth and easy-to-use garage door option.

The roller shutter door doesn’t offer frills or fancy extras however is this really necessary for a garage door, anyway?


Are Roller Shutter Doors Safe and Secure?

Roller shutter doors offer high performance and tend to resist rusting and corrosion if cared for correctly. 

Roller shutter doors are therefore not the cheapest option when it comes to garage door choices, but you get what you pay for … an attractive, functional and space saving option.


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