Is a Roller Shutter Door Suitable for My Garage?

Sep 20, 2021

Would a Roller Shutter Door Fit My Garage?

A roller shutter garage door is one of the most versatile types of garage door on the market. 

With a smooth operating mechanism and vertical opening, roller shutter doors are perfect for garages with restricted headroom or openings too.


Do Roller Shutter Doors Include Draft Protection?

Yes, they do. Clic Garage doors have side guide sealing system which reduces drafts and softens the noise of the door when opening or closing. 


Are Your Roller Shutter Doors Sealed?

Yes, there is an effective rubber seal against water entering the garage. 


Do Your Roller Shutter Doors have Automatic Locking?

Using Deprat® locking assemblies with integrated steel reinforcement, this system offers good protection against any forcing of the lock.


What About the Appearance of the Door?

There is a wide selection of colours and finishes available including painted wood effect. An anti-scuff locking system is also in place which help reduce friction marks.


What About the Security?

There is the extra strong bottom lath installed to help prevent any forcing out. 


My Garage Door is Small … Will a Door Fit Well?

Yes, the compact version of the roller shutter door will fit spaces with restricted headroom.


What About a Classic Door Measurement?

Don’t worry, our classic doors are ideal for larger garages.


Are There Accessories Available?

Yes, there is a range of additional accessories available. These include vision slats which allow natural light into your garage. You can also opt for a remote-control keypad. You can also opt for a batter back up which means you can operate the door via the remote control even if the power is off!


Is the Remote Control Provided?

Yes, we provide the remote control with each door.


What About a Manual Override?

There is an annual override with all our doors as standard. This means the door can be operated if there is a power cut. There is a manual release mechanism provided with each door too if the garage door is the only access route for the garage in question.


What about a Full Box?

Yes these are provided with all our doors.


What to do next…

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