How do garage door openers work?

Oct 26, 2021

You’ve got a garage with your property. This is always a good selling point, however that’s only part of the story.

A garage also needs to be a usable space and a secure one, too.

This is when getting the right garage door fitted to your property is crucial.


Which Door Is Right for You?

There are numerous doors and mechanisms on the market and if you look at a garage door from the outside, then you could be forgiven for thinking they all looks very similar. 

At Clic Garage Doors, we specialise in roller shutter doors which are one of the most popular types of garage door on the market.


Roller Shutter Doors

While they’ve been popular for commercial businesses and warehouses for many years, roller shutter doors are just as popular for residential dwellings. They work on a functional level and are a particularly good choice if your garage is connected to your home and needs to have decent insulation.


How Do Garage Door Openers Work?

Roller shutter doors work by rolling upwards or downwards (in the open or shut position). The door itself curls up into a specially created space at the top of the door, fixed inside the garage. Due to this innovative way of opening and closing, the roller shutter door can be used in more unusual spaces.

The mechanism for opening and closing the garage door simple yet effective. 

As you open the door, each slat fits into the enclosed space of the door, securely and neatly.


Components of a Roller Shutter Door

While the concept of a roller shutter door is fairly easy to understand, there are many component parts that make the door itself a usable and therefore secure.

The door itself is made up of numerous horizontal aluminium slats with the bottom slat usually featuring a rubber seal.

Then there’s the enclosure, which is the surround of the door and which contains the components.

The door needs its guide channels which are placed at the side of the door and which enables the door to move up or down.

Then there’s the tabular motor which sits at the top of the door and ensures all the moving parts work smoothly and effectively.


Saving Space

Roller shutter doors can also be perfect if you need as much space in your garage as possible. 

The design of the doors means the roller shutter mechanism is above the door aperture, making the most of the floor space itself.


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