Advantage of Electric Garage Doors Scarborough

May 21, 2021

Got Manual Garage Doors? What About An Electric One?

The automatic garage door is one of the most convenient inventions ever. It’s always nice to have something that automatically opens for us so we can just drive right in without leaving the driving seat!

Electric Garage Doors are a sought-after commodity and there are plenty of options out there! Automatic doors come in different designs and types so there is something suitable for your home or business. Below are some pros and cons with having an automatic garage door installed here in the Scarborough area.

Electric Garage Doors have changed a lot over the years. Nowadays, they offer more safety features than ever before. This means you can rest easy at night knowing that your family and house valuables, including your car, are safe.


Great for Security

Electric Garage Doors are a heavy metal barrier that encases the perimeter of your property in Scarborough. The doors provide protection against theft and other threats, as well as keeping valuable items safe inside. It’s important to be aware of how safe these doors are before buying one; some have locks on them which prevent forced entry from intruders that might want to remove your car without your permission.

There are so many ways in which an electric garage door can be designed. They don’t have to always appear modern and electric, as they may still look like manual doors with a few added aesthetics. You get the chance to choose any material or style you want for your new gate; aluminium, fibreglass, wood, composite steel sheets – these all provide different benefits! Your choice will depend on what kind of design and personal preferences you’re going for, too.


Door Opening Technology

Door-opening technology has come a long way from the days of manually turning large, heavy handles. Modern electric garage door models offer more than just convenience and ease: they also give you control over how quickly your doors open or close if you wish. There are several speed settings available to suit your needs; whether it’s opening up in time for morning traffic, closing down after work hours when driving home at night. You can select one that matches not only what kind of style suits you best aesthetically, but which will compliment any existing paint scheme around its exterior.

Your car becomes a prime target for thieves when it’s parked outside in plain sight. Automated doors that allow you to enter your home without ever letting the bad guys see where you’re going are tougher than traditional garage doors, which can be easily compromised with brute force and stolen vehicles by crooks who know what they’re doing.

To keep your garage door in good condition and functioning properly, the electric ones need maintenance, as do traditional manual garage doors. This is because they require regular oiling, so it doesn’t corrode or rust during use. This means less chance for accidents when opening and closing as well! We’re here at Clic Garage Doors with all you’ll ever want to know about maintaining an electric opener on your own time without replacing any parts unless absolutely necessary.

Electric Garage Doors may seem like common household items now adays. Afterall, we see them everywhere, but their operation can be both complicated and long lasting if maintained correctly.



The basic maintenance of electric garage doors can be more complex with more tasks to complete than the manual counterparts. You need to make sure that you’re maintaining them properly so they will last for longer periods of time.

If you are in a hurry to get out of the house and one door does not open, this can be frustrating! This is particularly so with a manual door if it jams at the wrong moment, usually when you’re late for work or for the school run!

A remote control for automatic garage doors means this frustration is avoided. Garage doors will be fitted with at least two remotes for the owner. These should be located near the garage entrance but in a safe location. It is always best to ensure the remotes are property cared for so they work when you need them to.

If you’re looking for a new garage door, there are many styles available. You can choose from up and over style to sleek roller doors or sectional doors with ease of entry in mind. When purchasing your garage door, it’s important not only think about what will look the best with the rest of your house but also how easy it is to use as well!  One last tip: Make sure that if you intend on using any additional features like sensors, alarms etc., they come pre-installed before installation begins so everything goes smoothly when finished.

Electric Garage Doors

What About Noise and Safety Aspects?

Your garage door will be whisper-quiet so that you don’t disturb the neighbours at antisocial hours if you work shifts or need to use your car in the middle of the night.

Safety systems in place to prevent the door from closing should there be any obstructions, such as a child or pet

The electric doors can be a good investment, with less strain on your mechanism and an extended lifespan of 10 years+, this is one investment which pays dividends time after time.

Convenience … you never have to get out of your car again once you’ve arrived at the garage. The door automatically locks in place and stays shut, keeping intruders from coming inside – no matter how hard they try!

You also feel more secure, with the safety systems in place and with advice always on-hand, even if something obstructs the closing process or some other incident occurs that prevents it from shutting smoothly; there’s still protection against forced entry by would-be thieves.

What To Do Next?

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